Tax and Bookkeeping Services


Tax Preparation Services: 

  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Sole Proprietor Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Non-profit Tax Returns
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Trust Tax Returns
  • Fiduciary Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • Property Tax Returns
  • Sales and Use Tax Returns
  • State and Local Tax Returns
  • Multi-State Tax Returns
  • Combined Tax Returns
  • Consolidated Tax Returns
  • International Tax Returns 

What you will receive by using our tax preparation services?

We will prepare your tax return for accuracy and completeness then electronically send it to the IRS and each of the state tax agencies so that you will get your refund faster.  

Tax Controversy Services:

  • Representation before the IRS for audits, collections and appeals.
  • Remove tax liens, bank levys, wage garnishments and seizures. 
  • Preparation of non-filed tax returns from prior years.
  • Amend prior years tax returns for tax savings or to correct mistakes.
  • Resolve back taxes, interest and penalties owed to the IRS.    
  • Resolve payroll tax problems with the IRS and any state tax agency.
  • Resolve sales and use tax problems with any state tax agency. 

What you will receive by using our Tax Controversy Services?

We will thoroughly research your tax problem and apply the current tax law and tax procedures to mitigate or eliminate your tax deficiency.

We will be prepared and available for telephone conferences and
face to face meetings with the IRS and any of the state tax agencies so that you don't have to meet with them.


Tax Planning Services: 

You've heard that old saying "practice makes perfect". Tax planning is the practice of successfully and legally reducing your tax liability.

We continually increase our knowledge and mastery of the current tax law, complex tax code and new regulations by completing graduate school tax and accounting courses, attending tax and accounting seminars and reading tax and accounting journals.  

Tax planning throughout the year allow businesses and individuals to pay the lowest amount of taxes allowed by law because we continually look for ways to minimize your tax liability throughout the year and not just at tax time.

Remember we are a advocate for you and not the IRS. We look for ways to apply the current tax laws legally so that you benefit.

Many of our clients feel that the fee for tax planning is a worthwhile cost to avoid expensive tax errors, reduce their tax liability and increase the opportunity to reach their financial goals.


Bookkeeping Services:

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping Services
  • Small Business Audits
  • Quickbooks Tutoring
  • Payroll Accounting 
  • Sales and Use Tax Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting